Monday, August 29, 2016

ECP turn into Duck Wranglers

Six members of ECP helped wrangle ducks on the Kawkawlin River in Bay City on Saturday, August 27 as part of the CAN Council's rubber duck race. Thousands of ducks were funneled down the river, with the first ten ducks winning prizes.  Proceeds from the event go towards protecting children from child abuse.                

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Bass Islands, OH

Monday's arrival at East Harbor SP was greeted briefly by driving rain and the threat of tornadoes, and the weather Tuesday morning was still too unsettled to attempt a crossing. So.... eight East Coast Paddlers made the ferry ride from Catawba Point to South Bass Island and were rewarded with a perfect afternoon of paddling and a little sight-seeing. The view from atop Perry Victory Monument will not be soon forgotten. The weather was even better on Wednesday for crossings over to Middle Bass and North Bass Islands, then returning to Middle Bass SP to set up camp. The Middle Bass campground adjoins a very prosperous public marina and the amenities were positively decadent. Thursday saw a return to Middle Bass under cloudy skies that afforded a paddle under a steady but gentle rain that was beautiful in it's own way.  The weather being was it was, we cut the paddle a little short and had no choice to but to explore the Put-In Bay Brewery, much to Greg's chagrin (not!).
Those who stayed over to Friday were rewarded with another fine, albeit somewhat windy, day. The winds were still mild when we crossed to Green Island, circumnavigated the island, and returned to South Bass. After nearly circumnavigating South Bass, the remaining paddlers concluded another successful ECPC trip with a take out at Perry's Monument. Many thanks  to Ed for arranging such a great trip!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

“City Park”, Kawkawlin
  1. Take M13 to Kawkawlin
  2. Go west on Grove St. (there’s a traffic light here) for approximately 0.1 mile.
  3. Go left on Pine St. for approximately 0.1 mile.
  4. Pine St. bears left and becomes Monitor Rd.
  5. Continue on Monitor Rd approximately 285 feet. Parking lot is on your right.

Parking: paved.
Toilet: none
Put-in: mukluks recommended.
Boat: any

 Post Paddle: $$$ *****
Monthly Meeting Location & Dates

Our monthly meeting location is the Hoyt Library in Saginaw,  located at 505 Janes Ave between Jefferson and Warren Streets. There are two large parking lots directly south of the  main Janes Ave entrance.

Access to the facility may be obtained from both north and south I-675. As you exit 675 (using exit # 2 or 2A)  proceed to the Warren St intersection and then turn south, crossing Genesee and continue to Janes Ave and the parking lots.The meeting room is on your left after entering the library's main floor area.

Our meetings are normally the first Thursday of every month, with exceptions to work around holidays.

The 2015 meeting dates are as follows:

January 8, February 5, March 5, April 2, May 7, June 4, July 9, August 6, September 10, October 1, November 5, ----with the Christmas Party being held on December 4. The Christmas party is NOT held at the Hoyt. Check the club calendar for location.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

2013 Sutton's Bay Floatilla....A World Record Event

Extensive training pays off as ECP members help break world record

Labor Day weekend on Sutton's Bay was the perfect setting as eight paddlers, loosely affiliated with the ECPs, joined 2091 of their closest friends in an attempt to break the world record for number of kayaks / canoes rafting together.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Copper Island Adventure

Kayaking the Keweenaw Water Trail

As a youngster growing up in Michigan’s central Upper Peninsula, I couldn’t help but be aware of the influence of Lake Superior on our weather, economy, and recreation. The lake produces copious amounts of snow. I lived not far from the lake but at a 300’ higher elevation. To locals, this was known as the “snow belt”, a term that has since given way to the more meteorological sounding “lake effect”. The big lake also serves as a highway for the big iron ore carriers that bring the U.P.’s mineral riches to the steel mills at Gary, Indiana and to Cleveland, Ohio and to Ford’s massive River Rouge plant outside of Detroit. The fishing industry, though greatly diminished today, still provides a livelihood to many by giving up a steady supply of delicious lake trout and whitefish. And the lake is unparalleled as a challenging place to sail, paddle and sport fish. And watching a beautiful summer sunset over the lake from one of the many hills that surround it is a memory that will warm you through the cold winter.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Memorial Weekend Pictured Rocks Paddle
Authors, pasties, waterfalls, oh yes- and paddling.

This paddle was an excellent reminder that sometimes paddles aren't just about the paddling. From the moment the group of six started to congregate at the Bayview Inn in Epoufette the weekend promised to be what U.P weekends are supposed to be- a mish mash of the good life.

As with most ECP trips, food played a large role. If you happen to be in Epoufette, just west of Cut River Bridge, stop in for a piece of homemade pie. This little diner has amazing views of Lake Michigan (even from the bathroom!), the appropriate Upper memorabilia, as well as bird books and binoculars scattered at each of the window side tables.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Silver Islet to Rossport

Lake Superior Trip Report

Ann Arbor temperatures hovered above 100 degrees, with Beulah temps just slightly lower at 95. It felt like purgatory in July in Michigan. 

Meanwhile, up in Rossport, Ontario, perched at the top of Lake Superior, the mercury was stuck somewhere in the lower 70’s and the humidity barely registered. Tom O’ Connor and I took a vote on where we’d rather paddle, and Rossport won 2 to 0. Go figure? So we pored over maps and guidebooks and made the plan to paddle the 85 miles from Silver Islet, located on the tip of the Sibley Peninsula, to  the little village of Rossport which is nestled among the islands to the east.

Friday, June 29, 2012

PUR Water-Without the Weight

Review by George Granlund

Online Review

PUR markets its latest water-purification product as a “mini water treatment plant in a packet.” Indeed, the PUR Purifier of Water employs the exact chemical process as used in many municipal water-treatment plants around the Western world.

New to Kayaking?

Don't know how to get started? Which boat to buy? How to learn without embarrassment? What if it tips over? Do I have to roll the kayak?

We were all beginners once and we'd be happy to help you with the basics. Before you even buy a boat, why not stop in at our monthly meeting (see the Paddlers Calendar) for some friendly advice from experienced paddlers. Whether you're interested in calm afternoons on one of Michigan's beautiful lakes and rivers or two weeks in the wilderness, we can help - we've been there.

To ask any questions or to contact the group for any reason, please send an e-mail to