Basic Safety Equipment

Suggested minimum equipment list

submitted by Ray Denno

These lists cover the equipment each paddler should have for the various types of trips. Also see the list of suggested equipment for cold weather paddling.

Casual Paddling Close to Shore:
  1. Spray Skirt
  2. Paddle
  3. Spare Paddle
  4. P.F.D. (Personal Flotation Device)
  5. Paddle Float
  6. Pump
  7. Sponge
  8. Water to Drink
Offshore Paddling - Above equipment plus:
  1. Compass
  2. Tow Rope
  3. Knife on P.F.D.
  4. Line from Front Toggle to Cockpit, used to connect to Tow Line.
Extended Offshore Paddling - Above equipment plus:
  1. UHF Radio
  2. GPS (Global Positioning System) - optional
  3. Maps
  4. Flares on P.F.D.
  5. Emergency Blanket or Plastic Tarp
  6. First Aid Kit
  7. Strobe Light on P.F.D.
  8. Matches or Lighter - both is better
  9. 50 ft. 1/4" Rope
  10. Duct Tape
  11. Small Folding Saw
  12. Leatherman Pliers or Equivalent
  13. Proper Clothing for Conditions (Wet Suit, Dry Suit, etc.)
  14. Nose Clips - In rough water or surfing, cold water can be driven up the nose, arresting the heart causing sudden death.
  1. Paddle Park
  2. Reflective Tape on Paddle or P.F.D.
  3. GPS
  4. Paddling Gloves
  5. Hat
  6. Sun Glasses

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