Canadian Ski Weekend 2011

Canadian Ski Weekend 2011

We swapped our paddles for skis and had a great time. Twelve of us ventured north of the border and enjoyed the outdoors together. Most of us met at the Hiawatha Highlands ski area just inside Soo, Ontario’s city limits. In spite of the limited snow that they had received, the trails were groomed beautifully.

My carload got there late due to tire problems, so we skied (I looked up that word) the flat loop. The sun was out and the woods were beautiful. We then ventured north to McCauley’s Motel which is adjacent to Lori’s Restaurant in Haviland Bay.

Lori serves up a hearty meal and both the motel and restaurant are super-friendly. The special of the evening was whitefish right out of Batchawana Bay. The rooms at the motel are Spartan, but adequate. Lori’s breakfast was more than enough to get us going and some of us headed for Stokely while some went to Searchmont to enjoy their downhill slopes.

We marveled at the bright sun at Stokely and were happy with the groomed trails and group discount on trail fees. Missy and Jeff took advantage of lessons (something we all could have benefitted from). Tom G, Tom O, Duke Yost and I headed out and visited the brand new warming hut. It’s the nicest one I’ve ever seen. We hit a little ice on the way back which made for an exciting downhill and a little freestyle gymnastics.

The hot showers felt great back at McCauley’s and supper was Canadian spaghetti and meatballs, followed by Packer football on their newly installed cable TV. On Sunday, some skied at Stokely and the rest of us headed down to Hiawatha for another go at their trails. One difference on Sunday was the -4 degree F. temperatures. There wasn’t a lot of standing around.
These are only my impressions of the weekend. I hope that others who went will put their 2 cents in and send a trip report to Theron. He can attach it to this one and it will make for a better report. I had a great time and I hope that everyone else did too.
George Granlund

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