Rosalie's Jazzed-Up Couscous

Start with the "Harvest Grains Blend" blend from Trader’s Joes.   I added sautéed peppers, onions, garlic and I think mushrooms.  Can’t remember now.    Salt and pepper and anything else you can think of that you like.   Maybe some dried cherries or the light raisins.    Some of the raisins from the broccoli salad found their way over to the rice mixture on my plate and it was very tasty. 

For the dressing I used an off the shelf balsamic vinegar salad dressing because it was late and I was lazy.     However, it is even tastier if you take the time to reduce a good balsamic vinegar until it’s nice and thick and then add olive oil.     For a cold salad it is good to make it the night before so the flavors can blend. 

New to Kayaking?

Don't know how to get started? Which boat to buy? How to learn without embarrassment? What if it tips over? Do I have to roll the kayak?

We were all beginners once and we'd be happy to help you with the basics. Before you even buy a boat, why not stop in at our monthly meeting (see the Paddlers Calendar) for some friendly advice from experienced paddlers. Whether you're interested in calm afternoons on one of Michigan's beautiful lakes and rivers or two weeks in the wilderness, we can help - we've been there.

To ask any questions or to contact the group for any reason, please send an e-mail to