Bass Islands, OH

Monday's arrival at East Harbor SP was greeted briefly by driving rain and the threat of tornadoes, and the weather Tuesday morning was still too unsettled to attempt a crossing. So.... eight East Coast Paddlers made the ferry ride from Catawba Point to South Bass Island and were rewarded with a perfect afternoon of paddling and a little sight-seeing. The view from atop Perry Victory Monument will not be soon forgotten. The weather was even better on Wednesday for crossings over to Middle Bass and North Bass Islands, then returning to Middle Bass SP to set up camp. The Middle Bass campground adjoins a very prosperous public marina and the amenities were positively decadent. Thursday saw a return to Middle Bass under cloudy skies that afforded a paddle under a steady but gentle rain that was beautiful in it's own way.  The weather being was it was, we cut the paddle a little short and had no choice to but to explore the Put-In Bay Brewery, much to Greg's chagrin (not!).
Those who stayed over to Friday were rewarded with another fine, albeit somewhat windy, day. The winds were still mild when we crossed to Green Island, circumnavigated the island, and returned to South Bass. After nearly circumnavigating South Bass, the remaining paddlers concluded another successful ECPC trip with a take out at Perry's Monument. Many thanks  to Ed for arranging such a great trip!

New to Kayaking?

Don't know how to get started? Which boat to buy? How to learn without embarrassment? What if it tips over? Do I have to roll the kayak?

We were all beginners once and we'd be happy to help you with the basics. Before you even buy a boat, why not stop in at our monthly meeting (see the Paddlers Calendar) for some friendly advice from experienced paddlers. Whether you're interested in calm afternoons on one of Michigan's beautiful lakes and rivers or two weeks in the wilderness, we can help - we've been there.

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